Raw Espresso Coffee Cream Bars

Raw Espresso Coffee Cream Bars

It’s the exhausting season… For a delicious pick-me-up, grab some refined sugar free Vegan Raw Espresso Coffee Cream Bars.  It’s food allergy friendly coffee bars which are dairy free and nut free with the combined the flavors of chocolate and coffee. These Vegan bars have an ice cream texture that is also gluten free with a pumpkin seed crust.  A Top 8 Food Allergen treat made for adults
          1 cup pumpkin seeds
          cup packed dates
          2 Tbsp hot water
          pinch of salt optional
White Filling Base
          2 cups coconut cream (not milk)
          4 tsp instant espresso powder
          1 Tbsp date paste
Chocolate Coffee Filling
          4Tbsp date paste
          4 tsp instant espresso powder
          4 tsp dutch cocoa powder
Chocolate Coating
          4 Tbsp coconut oil
          2 Tbsp maple syrup
          2½ Tbsp dutch cocoa powder
          ½tsp vanilla
1.      Coarsely chop dates with hot water in a food processor until small chunks remain. Add pumpkin seeds and chop until small pieces remain. Press mixture into an 8×8 pan lined with parchment paper and place in freezer.
White filling Base
1.           Combine date paste and coconut cream using a mixer. Break up any stubborn chunks of date paste with a fork. Mix until date paste is incorporated. Reserve ¼th of entire white base in a small bowl. Cover with plastic until needed. ( You may refrigerate but must be brought back to room temperature before adding to top of coffee filling)
2.           ….
3.           …..
Full Recipe: Click Here

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